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Nespresso, managed by Nestlé Group with its wide range of epicurean machines, has brought the cafe-style coffee experience into our homes .
Nespresso does not manufacture their machines, but they have partnered with different best manufacture companies to focus on the design .
As a solution, Nespresso machines have some alone designs manufactured by several companies. You will find Nespresso offering their chump collection to use with a machine, but you know what ? You can use any quality glass or porcelain mugs that fit in it your Nespresso machine well.
When choosing the raw chump for Nespresso, look at which type of Nespresso machine you own and the pods you want to use.

There are two unlike types of Nespresso machines lines: Original and Vertuo.
Nespresso Pods are specially made to use in Nespresso car lines or early compatible coffee machines ; they are aluminum. The original line has 35 capsules, and the Vertue line has 13 capsule varieties to choose from.
For mugs, you will find that about all their Nespresso mug collections are made of looking glass. angstrom long as your mugs are made with field glass or other material like porcelain that can hold hot drinks and won ’ thyroxine affect your taste, you are good to use them .
Some of the best mugs for Nespresso are:

  • Nespresso Pure Espresso Cups
  • KeepCup Coffee Mug
  • Joco Reusable Coffee Cup
  • Nestle Nespresso Set Glass
  • Nespresso View Cappuccino Cup

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Buyer’s Guide: What to look for when buying a mug for Nespresso?

a glass coffee mug with coffee in it
When looking to get a new Nespresso mug, you need to look into a few all-important things .


Nespresso mugs come in respective sizes, and which one is best for you depends on which type of coffee bean you drink more. You can follow the official Nespresso suggestions for each coffee. Espresso Cup (2 oz/60 ml) and Lungo Cup (5 oz/140 ml). 
however, Nespresso suggests 140ml for lungo, where you will find the factory setting for lungo in the machine is 110ml. So what I want to say is to not get confused about this and choose a mug size depending on how much coffee you usually drink. 


Glass substantial is recommended for Nespresso machines. tied the mugs that come with the machines are made of temper glass .
Glass mugs actually play a role in the drinker ’ randomness expectations when it comes to coffee. In this study, it was found that people who drink espresso from a glass mug actually expect it to be more aromatic, acerb, and hotter than when they drink it from a ceramic mug .
indeed if you ’ re looking to enjoy your chocolate more by having your brain expect more from it precisely by seeing the mug, then a glass mug is decidedly what you should get .

Easy to clean

When you have to drink chocolate daily, it ’ sulfur substantive to choose a hygienic cup that is easy to clean. If you drink more than one cup a day and don ’ t have time to handwash mugs again and again, then front for glaze mugs that are dishwasher safe .
All in all, the mug best for Nespresso is one that fits in the machine and has the best of features, that will depend on which type of Nespresso you own and what kind of coffee bean you want to drink .
You can only make the espresso-based drinks in the original one. however, with the Vertuo line, you can make various drinks, including espresso, double espresso, and lungo.
possibly you are already companion with espresso shots that form the base of many early coffees, including caffe latte, cappuccino, and flat white. But lungo is a celebrated european drink in. It has the same taste and intensity but is a little different. It is milder than espresso and designed to fill the cup more .
So, if you want to make espresso, then a tiny 50ml to 100ml mug will do the job. However, for lungo, you will need big mugs that can hold up to 100ml to 250ml coffee. Again, it all comes down to personal preference .

Best Mugs For Nespresso

a Nespresso mug on a saucer
In my opinion, the Nespresso original line makes good mugs, but if you own a glass mug at home which is heat resistant, it can be used for Nespresso. 
To make it easy for you, I have listed down a few of my personal favorites that might help you decide better .

Nespresso Pure Espresso Cups

A bent of two elegant and homely white espresso cups that come with saucers are ideal for Nespresso or just for everyday use .
These mugs are designed to capture the best of olfactory property and the intensity of your coffee bean. It is ideal for your Nespresso machine as they come in four different sizes – espresso, lungo, cappuccino, and mug to fit your predilection .
It can hold up to 80ml coffee, the mugs are slurred enough to keep your coffee warm for longer than other looking glass mugs .

  • Nespresso official collection 
  • Different from usual glass mugs
  • Sleek and elegant design


  • Can break easily

KeepCup Cork Brew Travel Coffee Mug

Two in one option with this cute little travel chump by KeepCup. When you are on the run, make Nespresso in your KeepCup and take it with you on the proceed !
This satiny chump is perfect for Nespresso as it is made of temper glass. besides comes with a press-fit lid and a cork band for a secure grip .
Pocket size KeepCup is lightweight and easy to clean mug. The methamphetamine without the band is microwave-safe ; besides, merely handwash the mug to preserve the bob ring .

  • Pioneer of reuse revolution 
  • Come with a cork band for perfect grip 
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight and easy to clean


  • The lid is not watertight; hot drinks can leak through it.
  • Can break easily

Joco 12-Ounce Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

Joco is another unique glass travel chump that can fit perfectly in your Nespresso machine .
It has a clear high-grade borosilicate glass body with a colored thermal sleeve and matching silicone eyelid. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe. Make sure to remove the silicon lid and thermal sleeve before putting it in the microwave .
The size is perfective for Nespresso, just preheat the cup with some hot water and this step will help your coffee bean last out quick .
It is an anti-splash lid and easy to clean surface. Overall, Joco is one of the best chump for Nespresso machines.


  • Crafted by artists
  • High-grade borosilicate glass
  • Thermal shock & etch resistant
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Not leakproof
  • Does not keep coffee hot for longer

Nestle Nespresso Set Glass

Nestle Nespresso has designed some ideal mugs for your Nespresso machine .
These come in sets of two with two saucers. Cups are made of tempered glass, whereas saucers are made of solid stainless steel.
The cups are microwave-safe, but the saucers are not. however, both are dishwasher-safe. If you ’ rhenium concern in microwave-safe mugs, I have an article where I recommend and review a bunch of them. Check it out .
Another great mug from the Nespresso view collection is this recipe glass that can hold adequate coffee for those who enjoy big mugs .
The best thing about it is the satiny design of the methamphetamine that complements your kitchen or chocolate mesa. This one can hold up to 350ml coffee. 

  • A & P Cahen Design
  • Original collection of Nespresso
  • Made of durable tempered glass


  • The saucers are sensitive to scratch 

Nespresso View Cappuccino Cup

For cappuccino lovers, the Nespresso cappuccino mug from opinion collection is best to pair for their Nespresso machine .
The cup can hold up to 170ml of coffee. Made with temper glass, this one is pricier, but the party ’ mho timbre is worth every penny .
Don ’ t fall for the name even if you don ’ metric ton swallow cappuccino. You can make your regular coffee bean in it. not the ideal mug for lungo, but it can be perfective for single espresso shots .

  • Tempered glass
  • Perfect for a cappuccino 
  • Brand quality product 


  • Small size
  • Pricey 

consult to the table below for material and price information :

Nespresso Mug Material Price 
Nespresso Pure Espresso Cups Porcelain  $22.58
KeepCup Coffee Mug Tempered Glass with Cork Band $32.00
Joco Reusable Coffee Cup Glass  $26.00
Nestle Nespresso Set Glass Glass $24.00
Nespresso View Cappuccino Cup Glass $36.12

Best Mugs For Nespresso

Does Nespresso come with a mug?

Yes! Nespresso Vertuo line comes with two mugs of around 590ml size .
These mugs are made of tempered glass and have an elegant rounded determine. The tempered glass keeps your coffee bean warm and you can hold the mug easily in your hands without burning them .

How big is a Nespresso mug?

a glass mug
Nespresso mugs have a different range of mug sizes. But they are often big enough to hold up to a 500ml drink. 
The most park mug sizes of the Nespresso machines are 8-ounce and 12-ounce cups. The size of the Nespresso mug is different according to the Nespresso car .
You can besides program cup size in your Nespresso machine according to your needs. however, the program is specific to each capsule size : espresso or grandma lungo .

How to program mug size in Nespresso? 

You can reprogram mugs sizes from 10ml to 500ml.
here is a bit-by-bit process of how you can program the mug size according to your preference :
Step 1: Press the lever upwards to open the machine .
Step 2: Insert your favorite space capsule blend and then close down the oral sex .
Step 3 : now, press and hold the button until you get your desire book. This bulk gets saved in the machine program as your jell. so whenever you add a capsule, you will get the lapp volume .
If you want to set predefined volume again, then do this:
Step 1 : Turn off the machine by pushing down the lever for 3 seconds .
Step 2: Push down tied and push button together for 3 seconds. The orange light will be on to indicate that the machine is reset to factory settings .
Step 3: now press the lever down three times and crusade the button to confirm. An orange light will be on again and will blink for 3 securities and exchange commission, and finally, a green abstemious indicates the car has reset to predefined settings .
These methods are exclusive to the Vertuo line machines .

Wrapping Up

overall, all Nespresso official collection has diverseness for every type of coffee lover. You can check their web site to have a look at other coffee mugs I didn ’ metric ton mention here.

Even if you have a glass mug at home, you can use them as well. Personally, these are some of the best mugs for Nespresso, and in my opinion, for every type of coffee.

  • Nespresso Pure Espresso Cups
  • KeepCup Coffee Mug
  • Joco Reusable Coffee Cup
  • Nestle Nespresso Set Glass
  • Nespresso View Cappuccino Cup

Watch this video to learn more about Nespresso mugs size :

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