What, when and where to toss

How long has that tube television been taking up space in the garage ? Are you using your honest-to-god laptop as a newspaper slant ? Why is that broken VHS player still on the bed ledge ?
You can safely and handily get rid of the electronic devices. According to multiple websites, E-waste includes anything with plugs, cords and electronic components. E-waste not properly recycled much ends up in landfills. As a solution, toxic substances normally found in electronics, such as tip, cadmium and mercury, have the capability to contaminate land, air and water .
In Albuquerque, you can recycle your E-waste at the Eagle Rock Convenience Center – 6301 Eagle Rock NE, earphone : ( 505 ) 768-3925. Hours are 8 ante meridiem to 4:30 post meridiem seven days a week. The tip is $ 5.25 per load, including tax. coarse items include computers, DVD and VHS players, cables and cords, and cellphones. For a complete list, margin call or check the city web site www.cabq.gov/solidwaste/recycling. There are a few items that are not accepted as E-waste that can be placed in your blue recycle container : toasters, small family appliances, blenders and sewing machines. Call 311 for tone arm of TVs and microwaves.

And before you get rid of any electronic device, wipe the data from the hard drive .
Use your blue bank identification number for wallpaper, plastics No. 1-7 and rigid plastics, such as toys and hampers, and metal. Items that should not be placed in the recycle bin are pizza boxes, glass, sharp metal, Styrofoam or plastic bags. For the complete tilt, see the web site. Glass can be recycled in the destine yellow bin at one of the slump locations, besides on the web site .
For family hazardous neutralize, residents of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County can take items to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center – 6137 Edith NE, call 349-5220 – to dispose of for free. Hours are 8:30 ante meridiem to 4:30 post meridiem Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and 8 ante meridiem to 3 post meridiem Saturdays. Common items include paints, wood staining material, clean products and little batteries. extra information is available on the web site .
Albuquerque ’ s green yard waste pickup will be Nov. 29-Dec. 10 .
Rio Rancho
Waste Management manages the recycling program for Rio Rancho. They offer a pickup service on active accounts for consumer electronics once a month, including computers, cellphones, microwaves, family chemicals, batteries and more. For full instructions, see the web site hypertext transfer protocol : //wmatyourdoor.com/residential/ or call 1-800-449-7587 .
Waste Management offers a recycle bin for pickup every other week with a similar list of reclaimable items. Glass can be taken to the landfill at 1132 Carpenter Street NE. Green and yard waste complimentary pickup is available in the spring and fall .
Los Lunas

Los Lunas has a recycling center at 315 Don Pasqual Road that is receptive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cardboard, plastics No. 1 and 2, alloy, paper, glass and electronics are accepted. TVs can be recycled by first making a $ 20 payment at the Utility Billing Division. Paints and oils require prior blessing from the Solid Waste Office, ( 505 ) 839-5658 .
Other e-waste recycling options
• E-waste recycle can be taken to the East Mountain Transfer Station, 711 Highway 333 .
• Albuquerque Computer and Electronics Recycling Co. recycles computer devices at no charge. Goodwill Industries of New Mexico is a partner, so computers can be dropped off at Goodwill contribution centers. TVs can be recycled for a charge of $ 1 per cypriot pound, microwaves for 30 cents a hammer. For more information, visit their web site for far data hypertext transfer protocol : //albuquerquerecycling.net/ or visit ( 505 ) 990-3732 .
• New Mexico Computer Recyclers take computers at no charge. There is a charge for data end. See locations at hypertext transfer protocol : //nmcomputerrecyclers.com/drop-off-locations/ or call ( 505 ) 401-6911 .
• Most cellular telephone providers and retail locations will recycle cellphones. Some electronic retailers offer E-waste recycling for release or a fee .
Check the websites around the holidays for alone items that can or can not be recycled .
Sources : www.loslunasnm.gov/658/Los-Lunas-Recycling-Program, www.cabq.gov/solidwaste/recycling, www.wm.com/us/local/nm/rio-rancho/residential ? cmp=ag_home_2017-12-21_usa_nm_rio_rancho .

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