Can a magnet cause a microwave oven to unsafely radiate energy?

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If I understand correctly, this was due to the deviation of the electro-magnetic ( EM ) radiotherapy beam from its intended target, as influenced by the speakers ‘ magnets .

No. There ‘s no “ EM radiation glow ” here. There ‘s an electron radio beam. “ em radiation ” is radio waves, light, roentgenogram, in short : all the electromagnetic waves .
Your CRT knead by accelerating electrons, which very much act like particles and not like waves at the scales and energies involved.

so, what happens is that these charged particles are discipline to Lorentz push. You should credibly read the wikipedia article on that, if you want to understand how the diversion coil in a metro television works ( or why your loudspeaker magnets have that effect ) .

If I further understand correctly, the magnetron of a microwave to produces a shine of EM department of energy

Nah, not actually. The magnetron is a cavity in which a wave is kept resonant and amplified through a strong charismatic field. not a radio beam, at all !

which is directed at a reflector or scatterer ,

Since this is a wave, and does n’t behave like a glow at the sizes of microwave ovens : Be a bit careful with your give voice ; this is all wave phenomena, thus while you can reflect the e-Field of the wave, this is not a “ mirrorlike ” mirror image like a laser arrow on a mirror .

and then into the cook cavity which attenuates the energy through notch-filtering and corner-wave traps .

No, the energy ca n’t be attenuated. There ‘s conservation of energy. There ‘s good constructive and destructive intervention, leading to higher airfield strengths in some places than others.

The energy in the substitute electric and magnetic field is then absorbed by molecules of the food you ‘re intending to heat and converted to precisely that : heat .

Is the magnetron contained within the cavity/ [ farraday ] cage, and if not, can the beam

not a beam !

of EM be deflected such that it could escape or deviate adequate to emit radiation into the surrounding space ?

sure. We ‘d call that opening then an antenna .

( If the magnetron should be situated within the containment structure, are there regulations stipulating this ? )

No matter where the magnetron is located, the amount of energy that a device can emit is draconically regulated by national and external bodies ; in the US, that ‘d be the FCC ; in Germany, the Bundesnetzagentur, in UK the OFCOM, and therefore on.

broadly, microwave ovens are n’t allowed to emit any significant amount of EM radiation, specially not an amount able to hurt bystanders .

This site is more practical than conjectural : We have a neat kitchen appliance with a strong ( rare-earth, I think ) magnet on its base, designed to hold itself to an oven door with significant certainty. Attaching it to the oven is n’t an choice, so it ‘s presently on the over-range microwave oven. In a consequence of analysis, I realized this may be a poor option …

A static magnetic battlefield should have no adverse effect. You can verify that by adding a inactive magnetic field part \ $ \mathbf B\ $ to Maxwell ‘s equations and realize that for the static component, \ $ \frac { \mathrm d } { \mathrm dt } \equiv0\implies \mathrm { coil } ( \mathbf E ) = – \frac { \partial } { \partial t } \mathbf B = 0\ $, which simply means that the E-field is n’t bend by the static magnetic field, and therefore, the wave ca n’t take a different management .