IKEA Plates (7 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

affiliate disclosure : We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Dishes and plates are such an integral character of any kitchen, and it ’ s a adept mind to check out new dishes before you buy them .
With that in heed, I ’ ve been looking into IKEA ’ south plates thoroughly. here are 5 things you should know before and after buying your IKEA plates !

IKEA Plates In 2022

IKEA offers a number of different plates made from materials such as bone china, ceramics, and tempered glass. Customers can expect to find standard circular plates, as well as those that are softly squared, sectioned, curved, and hexagonal shaped. IKEA sells singular plates for 79 cents and above each and dinnerware sets for $15+.

To learn more about the quality of IKEA plates, what they are made of, and if they are microwave/dishwasher dependable, keep on read !

What Types Of Plates Does IKEA Sell ?

IKEA predominantly provides regular serving plates that are normally used for regular-sized meals and side plates and larger serving plates .
Customers can expect to find circular, hexangular, softly squared, and rectangular-shaped plates .
If you ’ rhenium looking for something more intricate, the rims of STRIMMIG plates are designed with a blueprint and can be used for cosmetic layer .
Those with new children may be matter to in the KALAS plates specifically designed for babies and toddlers. These plates are made from brilliantly colored polypropylene, meaning they are shatterproof .
In accession, customers can besides find a plate under the IKEA 365+ collection that provides four sectional spaces. These plates are ideal for serving a variety of snacks, cheese, and sushi .

Are IKEA Plates Durable ?

Considering the very low-cost prices of IKEA plates, they are very durable, particularly the 365+ range .
many customers have stated they after years of use, they still look great and can maintain casual use in the microwave, dishwasher, and for eat .
additionally, most IKEA plates are made of feldspar porcelain which does not lose its color and shininess over prison term .

Do IKEA Dishes Scratch Easily ?

many IKEA customers have been surprised by the rub resistance of IKEA plates .
additionally, some have besides stated that even after years of use, IKEA plates placid look newfangled, particularly when well taken manage of .
however, others have stated that if you are to use bombastic utensils like a steak knife, then this can add minor scratches to the plates over time .

Are IKEA Plates Like Corelle ?

While a majority of IKEA plates are made of stoneware or porcelain, the IKEA Oftast plates are the closest you can find to the Corelle sword .
Both the Oftast and Corelle are made from temper glass, which is the main similarity. however, the IKEA glass tempered plates lack the Vitrelle component and the 3-layered laminate glass .
however, the IKEA Oftast plates are inactive a big alternative to the Corelle brand .

How expensive Are IKEA Plates ?

IKEA ’ randomness excerpt of plates can vary in monetary value depending on the substantial used .
Common-use plates such as the OFTAST serial are equally gloomy as $ 0.79 each. however, the average price of a plate ranges between $ 3- $ 7.99 .
Customers can besides purchase the FÄRGKLAR containing 4 individual plates for $ 12.99 .
meanwhile, IKEA dinnerware plates are available for $ 12.99 up to $ 49.99, and come in sets that contain 18-24 dinner plates, side plates, and stadium .

Are IKEA Plates Microwave Safe ?

Are IKEA Plates Microwave Safe?
Yes, all IKEA plates are microwave safe. however, customers should take circumspection with IKEA plates made with chasten glass .
Customers should avoid putting plates from the BACKIG collection in the microwave as the heat may cause the material to shatter or break into small, hard to find, parts .
IKEA states whether a merchandise is safe to use on the box or in the product ’ randomness description on-line .
If IKEA does not provide a argument or microwave symbol, the plate may be dangerous to put in the microwave .

Are IKEA Plates Dishwasher-Safe ?

Yes, all IKEA plates are desirable to use in the dishwasher. Despite being made of more sensitive materials, earthenware and bone china plates are both suitable for dishwashers .
In addition, glassware is besides desirable for the dishwasher due to the temper nature of the material.

What Are IKEA ’ second Plates Made Of ?

IKEA ’ randomness plate survival varies in material to suit each individual customer and their needs. here is a dislocation of what IKEA plates are made of .
Bone China
Some of the dinner plates in IKEA ’ second selection are crafted with bone china, a thin but impregnable type of porcelain immune to chipping .
This corporeal is made with china clay mud, feldspar, and calcium phosphate, making it incredibly potent and giving it a high level of whiten and translucence .
Bone taiwan is one of the most lightweight ceramics available and is lovely to use at a nice dinner party. IKEA ’ s most popular bone taiwan plate is the SKYN series .
Feldspar Porcelain
Plates made with feldspar porcelain, such as the popular IKEA 365+ series, are normally more resistant to knocks and can be made thinner than stoneware plates .
These plates normally vary in coloring material between white to blue-white and can often have different patterns decorating them .
Feldspar porcelain is a whippersnapper material for plates but is hardwearing and great for everyday use .
These plates have a more broken look and are more insubordinate to knocks than the conventional feldspar porcelain .
however, Stoneware is shuffle using a different technique to create a chummy plate, allowing them to differ from the bone china variations .
This fabric is fired at a higher temperature, which leaves it with a more understate discolor scale. however, this lone enhances its countrified find and goes well with accompanying sets .
You can find stoneware plates under the GLADELIG series .
Earthenware plates such as the long-familiar STRIMMIG series are a particular type of ceramic .
These plates are fired at a lower temperature than stoneware and feldspar porcelain, making them easier to customize at dwelling .
Colors and patterns can be applied directly beneath the glaze without losing the volume of the discolor .
This substantial is holey and can be sensitive to impacts. Therefore earthenware plates should use it ideally for particular occasions .
however, these plates can come at a lower monetary value and with more varying colors than other materials .
Plates made of glassware are immune to chipping and tempered to be durable and heat resistant for serving both hot and cold food .
This material consists chiefly of sand and can either be hand-blown or machine-made .
The benefits of glassware are that it can be stained, blasted, engraved, and printed with patterns to suit diverse tastes .
These can be a fashionable choice for your dinner postpone, and an excellent model of glaze dinner plates would be the BACKIG plate.

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IKEA sells multiple different types of plates, with a variety of sizes, styles, and materials used. The majority of plates are microwave and dishwasher safe, though customers should be leery of using glassware in the microwave .
Plates at IKEA can come individually, as character of a plate set, or as part of a larger dinnerware set that includes bowl and other plates.