The Glad Container Hack That Keeps Your Salad Dry

You probably have hundreds of them, and let ‘s be honest, half of them belong to other people. I ‘m guilty of taking home dessert from my Mom ‘s theater and never returning her Glad food storage containers. Perfect for everything, from keeping leftovers, to meal prepping, and potlucks. These plastic containers do n’t precisely live in the kitchen, but around the theater, besides. fair when you think you ‘ve wrung every single use out of your Glad food containers, along comes a viral Facebook post. This time, you ‘re not going to believe the Glad container hack that has everyone talking .

Glad Food Storage Containers For Your To-Go Lunch


That ‘s right. Get ready. As Sarah Rose wrote on Facebook ,

“ UM. HOW AM I JUST now finding out that the r-2 on these lids are actually lids for the bantam containers ? ! ? ‘ person please tell me I ‘m not the only matchless who did n’t know this ”

Did you know that these Glad lids were made to hold the bantam cups, made for things like guacamole, salad dressing, or hummus on-the-go ? These animation hacks are indispensable, specially to those who pack multiple lunches each dawn or are serious about weekly meal prep. Never worry about keeping those stackable lids organized again with this apt way of constantly using the tiny containers .
barely when you think you ‘ve lost all of the bantam lids around, Glad swoops in with this hushed little hack that means you never have to sacrifice a inert salad by the clock time lunch rolls around. You ‘ll feel like Martha Stewart screwing in your bantam container into the interlocking lid. This is exciting news, because I ‘m person who ca n’t eat pizza without ranch, and now I have an excuse to bring leftover pizza for lunch. I ‘m not going to lie, I attempted ranch in a Ziploc bag before and the clean up was nasty. Thanks to the tight seal, I feel confident about packing ranch in my to-go lunch .
Glad containers sure beat any kind of food storage. I do n’t even like using sandwich bags or plastic wind. My sandwich always ends up squished. Glad kind packs come in handy for those sandwich days, and for when you have a larger entrée .
While it ‘s not hard to find badly capital liveliness hacks on Pinterest for storage ideas for your square containers other than using your trusty kitchen drawer, sometimes we need some help oneself decoding what the plastic containers are even trying to tell us at all. fortunately, we ‘ve decoded it for you .

Explaining the Symbols

so nowadays that we ‘ve covered that, how do you know what all the text on the Tupperware containers mean ? No matter what brand you buy, whether you ‘re a hard-core Glad fan, Rubbermaid winnow, or a fan of the generic plastic containers from the dollar store, every plastic detail will have some sort of symbol on the bottom of it. thus what do they all mean ?

Food Safe


When you see an effigy with a branching and a cup on the container, this is how you know it ‘s food safe. Because you would n’t want to use something that was n’t food safe for food, right ?

Microwave Safe

If you see a microwave, it indicates that the container is microwave safe. The trope will always have squiggly lines on it to signal radiation waves, but you could credibly figure out what this mean .

Freezer Safe

If you see a snowflake or two, rest assured that this container is condom to store in the deep-freeze for the farseeing haul of meal prepping and reheat .

Dishwasher Safe

You ‘ll typically see this design represented, in some means, as dishes being sprayed with water. It can take the kind of the dishwasher visualize, which will be a square and is n’t to be confused with the rectangle shape of the microwave icon .

Recycling Symbols

sometimes that deep dish pizza precisely puts way besides many grease stains in my food containers, sol I like to replace them. Straight from the Tupperware web site, this handy chart is arrant for determining how to recycle your plastic containers when they ‘ve fulfilled their duty in your kitchen cabinets.

While these food containers are useful for many things, and BPA free, Glad food containers are not for boiling or for using on hot stove tops .

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