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( Earning disavowal : As an Amazon Associate, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases at NO extra cost to the customer. ) Have you been searching for a hardy, comfortable and non-slippery coffee bean cup for your home and office use ? If you are searching for such type of coffee cup, then you must have already heard about Dixie coffee cups. Dixie cups are very popular disposable paper cups that can be used to drink coffee on the die.

But respective people have this lapp doubt about the Dixie cups and that doubt is : Can you microwave Dixie coffee cups safely? For this purpose, I actually went ahead and placed these coffee cups inside the microwave and here is the outcome. The coffee came out hot as expected and that too without any damage to the coffee cups. So, it can safely be said that Dixie coffee cups are microwave safe and you can comfortably use them to heat or reheat your cold coffee in the oven. Having said that, choosing the right coffee bean cup or mug is very authoritative for casual chocolate consumers. If you are searching for the right Dixie chocolate cup that can help you reduce the expense of buying sleeves and double cup, then keep learn till the end of this article. I will discuss about the best Dixie coffee bean cup that you can use on a daily footing and which can save your money on using unnecessary sleeves and double cupping .

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Why Dixie Cups Called the Dixie Cups?

Dixie coffee cups are basically a kind of disposable plastic cups that are normally made from reclaimable composition.

These cups are much coated or lined with wax or a type of fictile. This coating prevents accidental leak or spill of coffee out of the cup. Dixie cups are actually invented in the year 1908 by the person named as Lawrence Luellen. The original Dixie chocolate cups were very dim-witted, elegant and cream colored by plan. This was the time, when the term “ Dixie ” was first printed on those cups. Since then the Dixie cups are known by this like mention .

What are Dixie Cups Coated with?

The three most popular Dixie coffee bean cups are Dixie PerfecTouch Insulated Paper Cups, Dixie Single Wall Paper Hot Cups and Dixie To Go Coffee Cups. Some of these cups are made from wallpaper with polyethylene material while some are manufactured using 100 % compostable or reclaimable cellulose fibers from braid and polylactic acid a well as starch corn. adenine far as its coat is concerned, the caller uses approximately 80 % reclaimable cellulose character. Some cups are besides coated with certain type of wax or formative. This coating makes the cup anti-slippery in nature. You can easily hold this cup in your hand without any concern of slippage .

Are Dixie Coffee Cups Waxed?

Some models of Dixie cups are coated with wax while some are much coated with a certain type of plastic material. Some cups seem to have coated with bleach material which is not eco-friendly in reality. The major benefit of waxed paper cups is their higher longevity. This means they are more durable than the cups that are credit card coated. Plus, the wax coated coffee bean cups are considered to be very environment friendly. Recommended Articles for You: Should You Use Wooden or Plastic Coffee Stirrers? Check out What I Use

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Are Dixie Coffee Cups Recyclable?

Yes, most of the Dixie chocolate cups are eco-friendly and can be recycled well in the recycle adeptness. Most factories that recycle paper products can be used to recycle these Dixie paper cups. These recycling facilities perform different processes on credit card waste ampere well as on food-contaminated papers. And then they make them reusable to promote use them in the fabricate of early related products .

Can You Fit Dixie To Go Coffee Cups Under Single Serve Coffee Makers?

Dixie coffee bean cups are available in several different sizes. But if you are looking for a chocolate cup that can easily fit under all types of single serve coffee makers like Chulux coffee maker, then I recommend you to get Dixie To Go Disposable Paper Cups Only. These paper coffee bean cups have the perfective size that can fit under about all individual service coffee machines. They are perfective to use while commuting to your educate, office or even performing any outdoor bodily process. Click Here to Check Out Dixie To Go Disposable Coffee Cups.

What is the Best Dixie Coffee Cup for Drinking Daily Coffee?

The independent function of using these Dixie coffee cup is their ability to offer better insulation. You don ’ t have to spend extra money on using sleeves or double cups for drinking your hot coffee. When it comes to choosing the best Dixie coffee cup for your homes or offices, there are 2 main varieties which you can choose from. You will see that these cups are available in different sizes which you can buy as per your requirements and convenience. The two main varieties that you can choose are as mentioned below. No. 1: Dixie To Go 16 Oz Disposable Paper Coffee Cups No. 2: Dixie PerfecTouch 12 Oz Paper Coffee Cups Both of these coffee cups are highly comfortable, non-slippery and very uncompromising to hold them easily in your hands. You don ’ t have to use double cups or sleeves anymore if you use these coffee bean cups at your family and office. The PerfectTouch insulating material engineering in these cups is exceeding in my opinion considering the price point at which they are available. One more important feature of these paper cup is their leak resistant snap-on lids. These lids protect the home hot beverage perfectly and prevents accidental skid of your coffee evening if the cup falls down from your hands or a table. One more good matter about these coffee cup is their eco-friendly product. They are chiefly made from 80 % reclaimable plant-based corporeal. even the company claims that they are planting one new tree for every tree they use to manufacture these cups. so, that ’ s truly admirably I think. 12 oz and 16 oz are two independent sizes that are available for these cups .

Final Thoughts

arsenic far as microwaving the Dixie chocolate cup is concerned, yes ; you can well heat them up in your microwave oven due to their sturdy construction and good insulated material. What I actually loved about Dixie composition coffee bean cups is they are environment friendly and are made from 80 % plant fabric. Their insulating material capability and dependable lid cover makes them one of the best eco-friendly coffee cups in the market. indeed, overall Dixie PerfectToch Disposable Cups and Dixie To Go Coffee Cups are ideal and the best options for coffee lovers who besides want to save their money on using sleeves and double cups. I highly recommend you to use these cups in your daily life and help save your environment from credit card waste. References:

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