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Short Answer: It is probably best to reheat your Chipotle stadium in another container. There is no information anywhere saying you should never microwave a Chipotle bowl, but a holocene study might sway you to think differently. many people ask this doubt because they know other materials are not microwave safe. thus asking, how to reheat your Chipotle bowl is absolutely normal. so, let ’ s take a search at Chipotle bowl and a late survey about them.

All Chipotle Bowls Are Made From Compostable Materials

This is great news program ! environmentally friendly box and utensils is something restaurants of every size should consider. The only thing that can decidedly not go in your microwave is the aluminum top. metallic can never go in your microwave. even though these bowls come from compostable material, this still doesn ’ t mean they are entirely safe for your microwave. The analyze below may show you why this is .

Recent Study on Chipotle & Sweetgreen Disposable Bowls

A recent study by the shows disposable stadium from restaurants like Sweetgreen, Chipotle, Dig, etc. contain PFA ’ south. What does that stand for ? PFA ’ randomness stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Companies have been manufacturing these since the 1940 ’ sulfur and they are normally found in the environment and the human body… This means that PFA ’ sulfur can accumulate over time and they do not break down easily. besides, the EPA says there is evidence that suggests “ PFAS can lead to adverse homo health effects. ”

How People Get Exposed to PFA’s

There are a wide variety of ways people can get exposure to PFA ’ south. Some of these include :

  • Contaminated water or soil used to grow food
  • Food packaging
  • Equipment used for food processing.

These are some of the most common ways people can get exposure. many other vulnerability methods are normally seen in people who work about PFA ’ sulfur.

So Can I Microwave My Chipotle Bowl?

nowhere on the Chipotle packaging does it say you cannot reheat your Chipotle bowl, but we do not. besides, certain chemicals in packaging you microwave, may leech into your food. it ’ s significant to note that, fatso foods like meats and cheeses are more susceptible to absorbing chemicals. According to Harvard Health, the FDA deems some chemicals safe to microwave. These designations are based off some the succeed :

  • How long the container will be in the microwave
  • How much food a person will likely eat from the container
  • The amount of food that will be in the microwave container

One of the easiest ways to microwave your Chipotle bowl is to put it in a ceramic bowling ball or a microwave dependable container in your home. This is a little less commodious, but it could badly help your health in the long-run .

Can I Microwave Other Chipotle Containers?

If the container does not say it is microwave safe then do not microwave it. early Chipotle containers include their greaser kits, condiment cups, check bags etc. normally you can find this information by looking on the second, or the bottom of a container. If you can not find it there, you can try to check on-line .

Are These Bowls Actually Safe to Compost?

even though the manufacturers of these bowls say they are condom to compost, this may not be true. According to, the chemicals in these bowls and other packaging have no known half life. This means they never go away naturally, so they are constantly “ floating ” around our environment .

Microwave Safety Tips

here some microwave safety tips to help keep you “ microwave dependable ” :

  • Always read packaging before microwaving
  • Use glass containers
  • Use ceramic containers
  • Check company websites for microwave safe information

In Review: Are Chipotle Bowls Microwavable?

There is no clear cut information from Chipotle, or other sources that says you absolutely can not reheat Chipotle bowl. however, there is research that shows the materials this promotion is made out of may not be healthy for humans to consume. so, it ’ s credibly best to not eat from these containers every sidereal day, but eating from them once in awhile will credibly not give you adverse health effects. Check out some of our other health news here .