Doctors’ Warning: Can You Microwave Bamboo Plates?

The organic Bamboo Wooden dishes and bowls are durable and one of the best kitchenware to keep the food fresh. But to your surprise, if you always come across the idea of whether you can microwave Bamboo Plates or not, then you should know the following facts.

Microwaving Bamboo Wooden Plates is considered unsafe for reheating meals as it gets warped and dries out with heat exposure. It is the only best product for serving hot and cold meals.
However, Bamboo Palm Leaf Plates are microwaveable. For reheating food in these Plates, set up the Microwave at an optimum power limit with a time duration of 1-2 minutes and adjust the heating temperature at 171°C or 340°F.
frankincense, this environment-friendly crockery makes your food serving trouble-free on any occasion. But to explore why Bamboo Wooden Plates and Bowls are dangerous in Microwave, you need to understand its texture and moisture memory serve, as discussed below .

Are Bamboo Plates Microwave Safe?

Are Bamboo Plates Microwave Safe
According to the manufacturer, microwaving Bamboo Wooden Plates and Bowls is not a beneficial mind. It is due to its fabrication proficiency that makes the habit of Bamboo Kitchenware in the Microwave bad and dangerous.

The Bamboo layered sheets are glued together and then compressed to make them durable and uncompromising. however, the material used in the production of Bamboo Plates and Bowls is like to Wooden Plates. thus, a Bamboo plate during the inflame summons loses its water system memory and dries out to form cracks .
Despite all this factual information about Bamboo Plates, here is an eco-friendly alternate token that you can use for microwaving your meal. The Bamboo Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls are labeled as microwave-safe. They are besides durable and sturdier to withstand microwave estrus temperature and office terminus ad quem .

What makes Bamboo Palm Leaf Plates microwave-safe?

The Bamboo Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls are bio-degradable and are safe for daily kitchenware servings. Their high-quality production approves it as microwave-safe for erstwhile use entirely .
The Bamboo Palm Leaf is cleaned with fresh water and then heated and pressed together in their desire shapes. They are 100 % chemical-free with no traces of glue residues. The final examination wooden texture is given without using wax polish.

At its stopping point phase, the Bamboo Palm Leaf Plates are placed under direct sunlight to remove extra moisture trapped inside them. To make the finish up products germ-free, they are passed through steam treatment and other controlling processes of radiation sickness .
frankincense, microwaveable Bamboo Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls are a absorbing choice to serve your hot meals .

How Long Can You Microwave Bamboo Palm Leaf Plates?

Reheat the food in Bamboo Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls in traditional ovens at 171°C or 340°F for 45 minutes. Do not place them in lineal contact with heat to avoid getting them to form uncertain damage .
Use Bamboo Palm Leaf dishes for reheating precooked food in the Microwave for 1-2 minutes at the optimum world power limit. If the meal remains cool, add extra 30 seconds to the heat process. frankincense, set up the Microwave at a broken jell to avoid your food from getting chewy.

After microwaving Bamboo Palm Leaf Plate, allow the food to sit for 1 minute to even out the temperature and recover hot spots. And it ’ s ready for your helping !

Is It Safe To Cook with Bamboo Plates In Microwave?

To discuss it in detail, here are the two main reasons why Bamboo Wooden Plates and Bowls are not safe for cooking in the Microwave:
Bamboo Plates get Dry : Any trap moisture inside the Bamboo Wooden dishes, when heated in the Microwave, will finally make the material content dry out, making cracks and splits .
Bamboo Plates become falsify : The Bamboo Wooden Plates/Bowls hold residues of moisture and integral glue. When the dishes are microwaved, under heating temperature, steam is formed and loses its adhesive attachment. This wholly heat procedure frankincense results in the falsify of the Bamboo Plates.

frankincense, the organic Bamboo Wooden Plates, due to their lastingness and sturdiness, are considered arrant for serving the meal entirely. Cooking with Bamboo Plates/Bowls in a Microwave will finally result in complete damage .

How To Prepare Hot Meal in Bamboo Plates?

Things to consider when serving hot meals inside Bamboo Wooden Plates are as follows:

  • If using Bamboo Plate/Bowl for the first time, it is safe to use it without washing it. Just wipe it with clean tissue paper and prepare your meal.
  • Frequently introducing your Bamboo Plates to water will eventually trap moisture inside them. Thus, making the dish drier and forming splits and cracks.
  • Do not use Bamboo Wooden Plates for serving steaming hot soups and syrups. As hot fluids above 70°C melt the bowl’s resins and can spoil your food. You can use warm serving foods only.
  • After serving, wash it with warm water and immediately dry it. Avoid leaving the Bamboo plates soaked in water for a long time, as it will result in mildew formation.


To sum up, the organic and absorbing wooden texture Bamboo Wooden Plates and Bowls are best used for its food service. To ensure they last long, avoid using them in the Microwave as they can not withstand the extreme heating system temperatures and therefore dries out or get warped .
however, as mentioned earlier, the best alternate to reheat food in environment-friendly cooking utensil is Bamboo Palm Leaf dishes. They are marked microwave-safe because they do not contain residues of moisture or other adhesives.

last, serving your reheat meal in Bamboo dishes is a good choice for its goodly practice .

Frequently Asked Questions

How long Bamboo Plates do lasts?

Bamboo Wooden Plates are durable for about 1.5 to 2 years. however, ensure not to make frequent use of wet meals and daily washing it with body of water. By doing sol, residues of moisture drive locked inside the Bamboo Plate. It will thus result in blemish constitution and discoloration over time .

Can you wash and reuse Bamboo plates?

The Bamboo Plates are organic and disposable Kitchenware dishes reused for several servings. guarantee to hired hand wash the Bamboo Plates unless labeled as dishwasher safe. Wash the Bamboo dishes with warm saponaceous water and if there is silicone on them, remove it to dry the plate .

Are Bamboo Bowls safe for babies?

Yes, Bamboo Bowls are durable as compared to early Plastic Dishes. They are free from all harmful chemicals and contain environment-friendly materials to ensure safety.

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