A Pizza a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – PMQ Pizza Magazine

One of America ’ s darling foods can actually help you slim down. His Pizza Diet helped New York pizzaiolo Pasquale Cozzolino drop about 100 pounds and reclaim good health. The New York Post reports the 30-year-old Italy native, who is executive chef at Rivalta Pizzeria in New York ’ s East Village, shed the pounds on a diet largely of pizza and bolshevik wine. After he moved to New York in 2011 to open a pizzeria, Cozzolino pursued his dream of becoming an carry through Big Apple pizza chef with single-minded ferocity, working retentive hours and neglecting balanced meals. Cozzolino managed to maintain his weight at first. But entirely four years subsequently, his repair shocked him with a wake-up call that the food-loving Italian could die at any moment of a heart attack. Cozzolino, who has a new son, knew he must make a drastic life style transfer. The chef immediately cut out all pop and sugarcoat and begin eating half his original portions. His breakfast included a small fortune of oatmeal and some fruit. His lunch every day featured a Neapolitan pizza of his own reach, more yield and one glass of wine. Dinner would be some seafood, beans, fruit and another glass of wine. After all, you wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect an italian chef to cut out his crimson wine. Chef Cozzolino has lost about a quarter of his body slant in seven months and still sticks to his diet. He says he feels better than ever today.

PMQ ’ second test chef Brian Hernandez has learned about the healthy benefits of a pizza diet on his own. He followed a pizza plan modeled on Florida pizzeria owner Matt McClellan ’ s 30-day government. Starting in January 2015, Hernandez ate only slices of pizza with different toppings to achieve his nutritional goals. The coordinator of the Groupon U.S. Pizza Team was motivated by a leap 2015 rival in Italy. “ I wanted to make sure I fit in my plane seat without being uncomfortable for nine hours, ” he said. When asked about his biggest challenge, Hernandez responded, “ part control. ” He added, “ Honestly eating pizza every day for four months, I thought I was going to get tired of it but I was able to vary it up. ” Hernandez lost 31 pounds before his trip. today he ’ second nobelium longer eating just pizza, but the Oxford, Mississippi, resident practices a healthy life style with exercise and a balance diet. He believes what he learned on his pizza diet helps him make dependable decisions when choosing meals today .